ACDx Network

Advanced Course on Diagnostics

Scientific committee

  • Ron Ballard, US Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (USA)

  • Catharina Boehme, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (Switzerland)

  • James Cummings, Global Emerging Infection Surveillance (USA)

  • Nirmal Ganguly, Formerly of the Indian Council for Medical Research (India)

  • David Heymann, Health Protection Agency (UK)

  • Marie-Paule Kieny, World Health Organization (Switzerland)

  • Keith Klugman, ASM, Emory University (USA)

  • Jean-François de Lavison, Ahimsa Partners (France)

  • Christophe Longuet, Fondation Mérieux (France)

  • Mark Miller, Fogarty International Centre, National Institutes of Health (USA)

  • Maurine Murtagh, Clinton Health Access (USA)

  • Josette Najjar, Fondation Mérieux (France)

  • Jean Bosco Ndihokubwayo, WHO Regional Office for Africa (Republic of Congo)

  • John Nkengasong, African Society for Laboratory Medicine

  • Rosanna Peeling, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK)

  • Valentina Picot, Fondation Mérieux (France)

  • Graciela Russomando, Universidad Nacional de Asuncion (Paraguay)

  • Andrzej Rys, European Commission (Belgium)

  • Kathleen Victoir, Institut Pasteur (France)

  • Gene Walther, The Wellcome Trust (UK)

  • Bernhard Weigl, Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health, PATH (USA)

  • Xiao-Nong Zhou, National Institute for Parasitic Diseases (China)


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