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Advanced Course on Diagnostics

Programme and Evaluation

The 7th Advanced Course on Diagnostics will take place from 4 - 9 September 2016 in Les Pensières Conference Centre, Annecy (France).

Proposed programme:

Day 1, Sunday 4th Sept 2016

Global Health Security : The Role of Diagnostics in Global health security

Day 2, Monday 5th Sept 2016

State of the Art Diagnostic Tools

Day 3, Tuesday 6th Sept 2016

Building Capacity for R&D for Global Health Security

Day 4, Wednesday 7th Sept 2016

Innovation Days: Diagnostics for the Future: What’s new on the horizon?

Day 5, Thursday 8th Sept 2016

Policy Development and R&D Preparedness

Day 6, Friday 9th Sept 2016

The Way Forward

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